Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Year-end wrap up.

On behalf of myself and all my New Democrat colleagues in the Alberta Legislature, I want to wish a happy and hopeful holiday season to you and your family.

It has been a very busy and productive fall session in the Alberta Legislature. As a member of the government Caucus I have been working hard to continue to fulfill our commitments to protect education and health care from drastic cuts. As a result we are building new schools and hospitals, creating good jobs in the process, and the teachers and nurses are there to provide the services every Albertan needs.

Our Climate Leadership Plan, introduced just over a year ago, has delivered for Albertans: we now have two new pipeline projects to help get Alberta oil to tidewater.

On November 29, Prime Minister Trudeau announced Federal approvals for two pipeline projects, stating in the announcement:

“Let me say this definitively, we could not have approved this project without the leadership of Premier Notley and Alberta’s climate leadership plan. Alberta’s climate plan is a vital contributor to our national strategy. It has been rightly celebrated as a major step forward, both by industry and the environmental community.”

These pipeline expansions will create investment and good jobs for Albertans, and in the long-term will help our oil and gas industry get better prices for their products. It’s great news for Alberta.

Our jobs plan is working.  We have cut the small business tax rate and created incentives to diversify the economy. Our commitment to infrastructure means more construction jobs, and that the roads and other infrastructure is there that will help all of us move, work, and share the holidays with our friends and loved ones.

We have taken other steps toward a brighter future. We have updated regulations around fire protection to protect our families, our homes, and our communities. We are protecting air and water quality for the health of our children, and we are creating opportunities for investment in clean energy and industries that aren’t vulnerable to the price of oil. We are looking out for our parents and seniors by building new housing and care facilities across the province, and are giving our children a strong start with things like more affordable child care spaces, more teachers where they are needed, a freeze in post-secondary tuition, and a pilot lunch program in schools

While the opposition parties say “no” to everything, your NDP MLAs are working hard and putting Albertans first. That’s our ideology, plain and simple. We care about the future of our province and we care about every person in it. We are proud of that.

As you celebrate the holiday season with loved ones and friends, I hope you share my optimism and excitement for our future. There is one message common to every faith and every celebration at this time of year – that renewal will come, the days will get longer and our efforts to better the lives of our children, families, and community will be successful.

From all of us in the New Democrat Caucus and our families, have a joyous, safe, and hopeful holiday season.