Posted on Nov 11, 2016

Remembrance Day

Once again, i had the privilege to present wreaths to both High Schools in my Riding of Edmonton Rutherford; Harry Ainlay and Louis St. Laurent. I spoke to the students at both schools and highlighted the importance that now more than ever, we need to remember the hard work that our veterans have done for our nation. I also got to discuss Tara Kappo, a Cree artist from Sturgeon Cree Lake Nation. Tara's grandfather, Dave Capot, was a soldier in the First World War. It is extremely important to remember Indigenous Albertans who fought in our nation's conflicts yet did not receive any of the same compensation that non-indigenous soldiers received for serving their nation. In fact, Indigenous people had one of the highest rates of wartime participation in Canada in the First and Second World Wars. It’s an important moment to recognize the everyday contributions, sacrifices, and accomplishments of Aboriginal veterans and their families, who to this day serve this country with honour.

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