Posted on Sep 28, 2017

Protecting our LGBT Youth

In times like these, it is now more than ever important to clearly state that we stand with the LGBT community. LGBT Albertans have been in the cross hairs of the official opposition for a while now and I wanted to take a moment to clearly state my position on this. Our government and I both believe that providing inclusive and safe schools is one of the most pivotal things a government can do for this community. We will not listen to calls from the opposition to out gay children by sending letters home when a student independently decides to join a GSA at their school. Not only have we mandated that GSA's be an option for every school, we are encouraging them even in our private schools as they have been proven to save lives and assist with our youth who are going through difficult transitions. Calls from the opposition to out gay students and leave this community forsaken will not be heard while i'm an MLA.